“Adam Ruins Everything” a new favorite

I’ve become hooked on “Adam Ruins Everything” from TruTV and I really cannot recommend the show enough to my friends. As a parody, the show features a cast of average Americans living their lives through different scenarios who are then interrupted by a “Nerdy Know-It-All” who proceeds to explain to them why everything they believe about the given situation, scenario or story is totally wrong. Adam, the interloping geek, then uses a series of fact based statements, demonstrations and even special guests to “Ruin” their beliefs and understanding of the world around them. The premise of the show is essentially to debunk long standing beliefs, which are wrong, misconceptions and fraud that we encounter and accept without knowing the reality of the situation.

As Adam ruins these hapless citizens lives his goal is to enlighten us in how we, or they, can actually better deal with situations.┬áThe show uses recurring characters and plays upon the fact that Adam is “annoying, nerdy and unwanted” even to the point of humiliation. The script and character interactions can become trite at times, and the humor a bit poor, though everything presented in the show if based on research, fact and can be easily corroborated as the truth. Outside of being a bit campy, the only complaint I have is the show is not family friendly which is unfortunate as the information presented would be GREAT for most teenagers and youths to hear and learn. There are overt references to sex (which are not part of the story lines) and some of the topics are not geared toward younger viewers.

Regardless, I think that despite it’s minor shortcomings, the show is one of the better unknown gems on Cable TV and if you’re a cord cutter you can watch episodes on SlingTV as well.

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