PhotoKeeper app is a worm, Avoid it!

If you receive an email from PhotoKeeper just delete it. The app is a ploy to get you to install their App on your mobile device. Once installed the app will harvest your contacts and send them the same type of email you received, without your knowing. Why would it do that? I’m guessing the app was designed to gather data, email addresses, and personal information for sale by the company who is collecting the data. This type of app is essentially malware that works like a type of computer virus called a worm that works its way from one system to another. Below is a photo of one of the emails I have received.


Being skeptical I did not follow any links but researched instead. Despite the positive reviews in the App Store the full list of reviews is peppered with folks proclaiming the app as malware. Heed their, and my warning and just delete the emails you receive.


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  1. Thanks for the heads up Tim!

    I was skeptical too, so I just did a quick search. None of my tog friends use it so it made my spidey senses go off.


  2. Thanks, I’m glad I felt it was wrong and searched it out as well. Keep this site up if you can so others will find it! Thanks again

  3. If I opened the email and clicked the link, but did not sign in/up or download the app or anything, did I still just ruin my life? Please advise (as I sit here nervous-sweating). Thanks

    1. Hi Marie,

      Unless you installed the application and gave it access to your contacts you should be just fine. The risk is in the application being installed, not in any of the links on the site. Glad you found this article before following through!


  4. I clicked the link via my iPhone and it took me to a page to login to one of my gmail accounts. At that point I closed the page. Immediately after, I received a text message from a random number with a link which I deleted. I guess by clicking the link the malware obtained my cell number :o(

  5. I got an email from them just last week, so they are still at it. But they have modified their email and it says “Contacts in your network added their photos. View them on Photo Keeper.” instead of providing the handle of whoever supposedly added you. It came to an email address that I don’t use for marketing subscriptions so they probably got my email from someone I know who may have downloaded the app. Oddly, Gmail did not filter it to SPAM and delivered it to my regular inbox. I reported the spam to the Federal Trade Commission by forwarding the email to If more people report this to the FTC, the FTC may take notice and look into it.

  6. I received the email this week. Looks like the app in the itunes was updated this week as well. Reporting it to the FTC now. Thanks Emanon

  7. I just received the same email yeaterday and felt like it was sketch, so I googled it. I’m glad others have posted the same feelings. Thanks everybody for looking out for one another. So glad google is out there with all of these similar posts! :).

  8. Thanks for the info! If you fell for it, as I did you need to remove it from your Google account. Go to
    Under Sign-in & security, click “Connected apps & sites”, then under Apps connect to your account, click “MANAGE APPS”. Scroll to find Photokeeper, click it and then click Remove.

  9. I rec’d the email everyone cites. Since I was expecting photos from a colleague, I thought it was legit. I opened on PC at work. When I realized it wasn’t legit, I stopped the program. Is this just an app for phones, or should I assume my PC has a worm?


  11. Just received an email saying a friend connected… It said my email address was the one that connected first. Ironically. I’m using my android phone so it tried sending me to Google play store. That came up as an error. I searched Google store for it and nada. So I’m not concerned but thank god for that error page…or I would foolishly have taken for it…

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